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Irene was invaluable in helping me .... I would certainly recommend her as an executive coach

Andy Cresswell

EyeJBee Ltd - Business and Executive Coaching

Business & Executive Coaching - for leaders, executives, HR professionals during times of change

  • Optimise performance in a new and more senior role
  • Maximise leadership effectiveness for greater people engagement and profitability
  • Manage Resilience and improve Mental Toughness
  • Develop more Gravitas or Executive Presence in a senior role
  • Live a better balance between Work and Life outside work maintaining effectiveness

Coaching Supervision
  • For HR professionals needing to develop the skills of internal coaches

Business and Executive Coaching ...from EyeJBee Ltd is an inspiring and motivational means of releasing individual potential to enable transformational change and maximise sustained business performance. We specialise in using innovative techniques and strategies to achieve our aim which is your greater sustained success.

As a client you may expect from us support, challenge and commitment to your success both during coaching and as part of our follow through continued support package.

We would be delighted to hear from you, contact us for a free no obligation conversation to explore how we may aim to exceed your expectations.

Business and Executive Coaching services we specialise in:


  • Preparing managers for the challenge of more senior roles
  • Supporting managers in their first days in a new role to make positive impacts and achieve desired results
  • Developing more Gravitas or Executive Presence in a senior role
  • Improving Capacity to Lead
  • Improving Self Awareness in the work environment
  • Business Objective Clarification & Achievement Strategies
  • Improving Leadership Effectiveness in the work environment
  • Improving Business Performance Results
  • Recognising & Combating Limiting Beliefs that may restrict business success
  • Self Confidence or Self Esteem Development in the workplace
  • Improving Work Life Balance for a more in tune life
  • The Work Life Balance Programme  in association with CCS Coaching International Limited
  • Psychometric Assessment combined with coaching to enhance inspirational leadership, emotional intelligence and mental toughness and resilience
  • Group Coaching for team and individual development
  • Coaching Supervision for groups of internal coaches on a 121 or group coaching basis

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