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Irene's questioning skills cut to the heart of the matter, ensuring maximum mobility in a coaching session

Sue Ritchie

EyeJBee Ltd - Personal Client Coaching

  • Be the best you can be realise your potential and attain personal goals
  • Harness values and beliefs to make dreams a reality
  • Build confidence and commitment to action transforming outcomes
  • Overcome limiting beliefs or thinking patterns

Coaching Supervision
  • To develop coaching skills, expand techniques, renew energy & benefit from restorative support

Coaching ....From EyeJBee Ltd is an inspiring and motivational means of releasing individual potential to enable transformational change using innovative techniques and strategies. Focussing on goals, values, choices, personal motivation & taking sustained committed action.

We provide support throughout the quest to achieve objectives, helping maintain focus and overcome challenges and obstacles on the way that may be holding you back, this may include breaking through negative thinking patterns or overcoming limiting beliefs.

We will be non- directive, supportive, challenging and committed to your success both during coaching and as part of our follow through continued support package.

We would be delighted to hear from you ... contact us for a free no obligation conversation to explore how we may aim to exceed your expectations.

Personal Client Coaching services we specialise in:

  • Clarifying Vision and Life Purpose
  • Improving Self Awareness and Insight the impact on self & others
  • Clarification of Personal Goals & Achievement Strategies for Success
  • Values Awareness become aware of what is most important and how this affects decisions and behaviour
  • Improving Personal Effectiveness
  • Improving Work Life Balance for a more 'in tune' life
  • Career Development and Enhancement
  • Recognising & Combating Limiting Beliefs that may restrict success
  • Breaking through limiting behaviour patterns
  • Self Confidence or Self Esteem Development
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • The M.A.G.I.C. Programme - Modular Coaching Programme for under 21's
  • Coaching Supervision to provide coaching skills development and restorative support for practicing coaches