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I chose her for this contract because of her abilities as a coach, supervisor and trainer, backed up by professional qualifications

Jonathan Lewin

EyeJBee Ltd -  Consulting & Psychometric Assessment


  • Do you have development issues which are costing your organisation?
  • Do you need to develop Inspirational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence or Mental Resilience ?


We ensure that we understand your organisation, your objectives, culture & requirements before delivering our bespoke solution. We focus on ....


Identifying & Analysing your needs - What you want to achieve, where you are now & where you want to be

Designing - the innovative solution designed specifically to meet your desired result.

Delivery - of the agreed solution by highly competent trainer facilitators.

Evaluating results - Return on Investment is very important to us & we design & deliver programmes that can be measured to prove results. We agree up front with you appropriate measurements to assess outcomes & results.

We will make sure we have an in depth understanding of your requirements before we consider the solution to your needs. We partner with you throughout the process making sure you are happy at each stage. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, commitment to excellence & our focus to help you achieve your development goal in an inspiring & innovative way.

Psychometric Assessment - to complement both Coaching and Training programmes we offer:

  • EQI Bar On Emotional Quotient Inventory - assessment instrument for the key components of emotional intelligence - intrapersonal, interpersonal, stress management, adaptability and general mood (via MHS).
  • Integrated Leadership Measurement - provides insight into the Leadership style of an individual ( via AQR Ltd)
  • Mental Toughness Measurement - measure an individual's resilience and ability to cope with pressure and change (via AQR Ltd).

Feedback for all psychometric profiling is delivered by a highly competent and licensed facilitator in a sensitive, supportive, constructive and thought provoking way designed to maximise the benefits.

To find out more about our Consulting or Psychometric Assessments or for a free no obligation initial conversation please contact us.