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Phil Ryan

EyeJBee Ltd - Training for Building Competence


To build competency skills, knowledge and behaviours that have an impact on bottom line profitability
  • Coaching Skills Programmes
  • Introduction to Coaching Skills
  • Sales Success
  • Customer Service
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Competency Based Recruitment Interviewing
  • Managing Budgets
  • Facilitation Skills

We believe all solutions to build competence need to deliver sustainable & measurable results. We offer bespoke programmes to meet your specific organisation competency needs as well as tried & tested solutions from our programme menu.

Following an initial consultation to identify your competency needs, we partner with you, with measures agreed at the outset, so we can clearly measure the Return on your Investment.

We can advise on follow up activity to embed competency learning & deliver the longer term sustainable results that can be challenging to achieve as part of this you may wish to consider Business Coaching Solutions as part of a bespoke package to ensure continued competency development & sustainable long term performance enhancements.

We would be delighted to hear from you contact us for a free no obligation conversation to explore how we may aim to exceed your expectations.

Our Building Competency Programmes include:

Coaching Skills Programmes - 1 or 2 days

For leaders and managers who have a basic knowledge of coaching principles and are seeking to develop their role related coaching skills to realise greater potential of themselves and their team. Delivered in conjunction with JS Coaching.


Introduction to Coaching Skills - 1 or 2 days

A 'Core' programme for managers who are new to coaching and want to develop a coaching approach to management. Delivered in conjunction with JS Coaching.


Sales for Success - 2 day or 1 day programmes
This programme can be tailored to the organisation sales process. Targets/Objectives and their importance. Incentives. How to improve consistency. Lifetime Needs of Customers. Questioning Skills. Questions to avoid. Active Listening Skills. Persuasive Words. Features, Advantages, Benefits Review Process. Handling Customer Concerns. Skills Practice Sessions with Feedback. Importance of The Follow Up. SMART personal goal setting.

Customer Service to Delight - 1 day programme
The components of exceptional customer service. How to enjoy delivering customer service to delight your customer. Your unique customer service selling points. What really makes the difference. Active listening. Personal Promises.

Negotiation Skills - 1 day programme
Effective negotiation. Skills, attributes and behaviours of the great negotiator. Identify the components of successful negotiating. Different negotiating styles. Practice developing negotiating skills and receive feedback.

Competency Based Recruitment Selection - 1 day programme
Demonstrate how to effectively recruit and select the best people. Conduct effective recruitment interviews based on competency assessment. The Interview Preparation and CV Assessment. Conducting an Effective Interview. The Role of Competency Assessment. STAR Technique.

Managing Budgets - 1 day programme
The understanding and practical application of effective budget management. Interactive exercises & practical skills development - Budget Planning. Bidding for the budget & negotiation. Prioritising Resources. Maximising Income. Keeping a lid on costs. Tracking Progress. ROI measuring return. Self-Assessment Skills Review. Agreed Actions & Support Structures.

Facilitation - 1 day or half day programmes
What is Facilitation & the Rules. The Role of the Facilitator and the skills to be effective. Developing effective questions. Facilitation Process Techniques. Energizer techniques.