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Carolyn Trafford

EyeJBee Ltd - Training for Personal Effectiveness

To improve the personal effectiveness skills, knowledge and behaviours of your people to deliver sustained results

  • 'Options' - Career Management Service - in conjunction with General Physics (UK) Ltd
  • Develop Your Training Impact 
  • Managing Resilience
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Presentation Skills for Impact
  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management
  • Introduction to Networking
  • MAGIC - development programme for pre adult learners
  • Work Life Balance - programme in conjunction with CCS Coaching International Limited

We believe all improving personal effectiveness solutions need to deliver sustainable & measurable results. We offer bespoke programmes to meet your specific organisation needs as well as tried & tested solutions from our programme menu.

Following an initial consultation to identify your personal effectiveness needs, we partner with you, with measures agreed at the outset, to clearly evidence the Return on your Investment.

We can advise on follow up activity to embed learning & deliver the longer term sustainable results that can be challenging to achieve - as part of this you may wish to consider Business Coaching Solutions as part of a bespoke package to ensure continued personal effectiveness development & sustainable long term performance enhancements.

We would be delighted to hear from you contact us for a free no obligation conversation to explore how we may aim to exceed your expectations.

Our Personal Effectiveness Programmes include:

'Options' - Career Management - 1 day workshop and on line support

Offered in conjunction with Martonhouse plc. One day workshop and on line 'job kit' support addressing CV writing, Job Search Strategy and Interview Skills.


Develop Your Training Impact - 1 day programme

For trainers and coaches who design learning programmes or workshops and want to maximise their impact and relevance to the audience underpinned by knowledge of the full learning/training cycle.


Managing Resilience - 1 day programme

For anyone who wants to improve their capacity to deal most effectively with stress, pressure and challenge and therefore maximise their potential irrespective of the circumstances in which they operate.


Goal Setting & Achievement - 1 day or half day programmes
For anyone who wants to achieve goals and objectives that have been challenging. Includes: The goal setting process. Explore the power of the unconscious mind in goal achievement. Recognise short, medium and long term strategies for success. Goal Achievement Formula. Importance of Vision and the link to Goals and Beliefs.

Presentation Skills for Impact - 2 day or 1 day programmes
The programme includes videoed presentations and individual feedback.
Each delegate will take away a personal video of progress made during the programme. The Art of Effective Verbal Communication. Making a Positive First Impression. Controlling Body Language. Presenting a Compelling Message. The Role of Examples and Story Telling. Managing the Audience. Question and Answer to Impress. Introducing and Thanking a Speaker.

Effective Communication - 1 day or half day programmes
For anyone who wants to improve communication skills. Includes: When to communicate. How to communicate. Methods of communication. How to engage your audience. Questioning Skills. Listening Skills. Pitfalls to avoid.

Time Management - 1 day or half day programmes
For managers seeking to efficiently and effectively achieve more in less time. Includes: Understand and develop strategies for effectively prioritising of work and managing time. Work Styles Assessment Exercise. Prioritisation & the Pareto Principle. Planning & Scheduling Time. Dealing with Interruptions. Role of Delegation.
How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Procrastination.

Introduction to Networking - 1 day or half day programmes
For anyone who wants to improve their networking skills. Includes: Understand the concept of networking. Develop a powerful personal introduction. Plan a personal network map and how to use it. Identify networking opportunities. Practice networking skills and receive feedback.

MAGIC - modular over 4 bi weekly or monthly sessions
A modular development programme for pre adult learners including - Motivation, Assertiveness, Goal Setting, Initiative, Confidence.

Work Life Balance - over a negotiable timetable
A programme to improve the work life balance of your key resource, your people - delivered in conjunction with CCS Coaching International Ltd.